"the craft of a man in love with melody and words, and unafraid to delight in them"
- Tom Murray, Edmonton Journal

"Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Bellows" music is a magnetic blend of catchy, quirky melodies, energetic folk-pop arrangements, and literate, multi-layered songs. Bellows enjoys language and word-play and finding unexpected meanings and possibilities in familiar themes
- Victory Review, Seattle

"eloquent, literary"
- Chart Magazine

"Paul Bellows is a folk-rocker with a few things on his mind and the ability to get it across with a distinctive style and wit. Bellows breathes new life into age-old themes like hope and dreams, life and love - first song to last he hits the mark every time."
- Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Like He's Famous is filled with rocked-up folk songs - populated by characters who are lost, forlorn, heartbroken or just plain giddy"
"the hoser Elvis Costello of Edmonton"
- Mike Ross, Edmonton Sun

"Paul Bellows is a singer- songwriter who writes near-perfect folk songs introspective folk songs that both jingle and jangle."

"The songs are catchy, melodic numbers that evoke XTC and early Elvis Costello"
- Vue Magazine, Edmonton

"Picture a young man on stage ready to please and even more anxious to see the entire world. So even when he hits some weird notes, you're on his side."
- Fish Griwkowsky,

"Paul Bellows is going to please an awful lot of you out there, because he has his way around classic roots-pop stylings that few artist pull off well. There's lots of late 80's Elvis Costello buried in here, as well. Filled with careful, laid back hooky jangle riffs, pumping choruses and impassioned lead vocals, Bellows is a songwriters' songwriter, leaving an impression of something fresh. Bellows has a rootsy smooth, soothing croon that any songwriter would be jealous of and he puts it to good use here on Tape Deck Classics."
"glimmers with jangly guitars, coyly lovelorn lyrics, and more hooks than a pirate ship"
- Christa O'Keefe, See Magazine

"compare Paul Bellows" with Ron Sexsmith (except more rushed), Matthew Sweet (except much less pop), and Dar Williams"
- Airtight Magazine